Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa

AKA Rocky VI


Provide the faith and church market with promotional resources to build awareness and momentum for the upcoming theatrical release by creating advance discussion, teaching and engagement resources to help broaden both the appeal and carefully designed spiritual applications.


The Rocky Balboa film franchise is one of the highest performing series of all time. Motive Entertainment partnered with Crosssection for graphic design, creation of faith based print and digital resources, web site development, custom packaging, fulfillment and customer service. Through this partnership we developed a multi-faceted faith based marketing campaign for the final film of the iconic Rocky Film franchise. Thousands of churches participated in the campaign with printed and downloadable resources designed to spark spiritual discussions and propelled the film into a significant box office and DVD success. Crosssection handled all of the design, event resource creation, and discussion curriculum to help churches drive people to the theaters and then back to their local church for a deeper review and experience.


Key Art/Graphic Design, Interactive websites, Grass Roots Strategy and Resources, Social Media, Branding, Design, printing, fulfillment and customer service for all faith based promotional materials.


Motive Entertainment / MGM


Rocky Balboa returned an astonishing box office return of $156 million with a small production budget of $24 million.

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