Unanswered Series

Unanswered Series


To reinvent what has been culturally lost and largely forgotten within the Christian faith formerly known as “apologetics” thus creating innovative resources and discussion starters that will create intentional and respectful dialogue rather than trying to win a faith-based debate that historically has done more damage than good.


Crosssection and AnchorsAway developed and published an in-depth curriculum series that can be used by parents, churches, small groups, Sunday schools, and youth. It defies the typical label of “apologetics” and speaks to the methodologies of grace. With an extensive power packed video series, book and small group guide, this content is rich for discussion and teaching. The online portal gives certified teachers extensive resources on a wide variety of theological topics.


Complete Campaign and Content Strategy development, extensive market research and benchmarking. Brand creation and positioning, Content creation, copy writing, all original film development and output, Graphic Design, Study and Small Group resources creation, Interactive websites, Grass Roots Marketing Strategy and Resources, Social Media, printing, fulfillment and customer service for all faith based promotional materials.


Current research validates that 80% of regular church attending Christian teenagers will walk away from their faith within one year after graduating from High School.

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