Call + Response Rockumentary

Call + Response Rockumentary


To create awareness and take action strategies surrounding the escalating horror of Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery.


Call + Response was a unique shoe-string budget documentary that made a huge impact on college campuses, wide ranging communities, organizations and independent activists that became informed and resourced to take action. Crosssection worked closely with the filmmaker, Justin Dillon to develop easy-to-implement activist strategies. Over a million pieces of innovative and disruptive marketing “chum” was strategically created and distributed across the United States. More than 8 unique interactive websites fueled over 2 + million activist interactions with corporations. Today Call & Response is recognized by experts, political leaders, and activists as one of the highest information “spring boards” ever created to both inform and equip in the Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery arena.


Key Art/Graphic Design, Interactive websites, Leader Screenings, Grass Roots Strategy and Resources, Social Media, Branding, Design, printing, fulfillment and customer service for all campaign promotional materials.


The U.S. Government estimates that more than 27 million humans are sold each year most of which are young girls taken against their will to work in the sex trade industry.

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